Cadet Wingman Program

Cadets CAP

Teamwork plays an integral role in the CAP Cadet program. Each cadet has a “wingman” for peer-to-peer support and safety. We teach cadets to look out for their wingman’s safety and we tell cadets that if they think inappropriate behavior is occurring, they are to tell any trusted adult, without fear of retaliation.

The Wingman Program course combines four main topics that at first glance might not appear to fit together: Core Values, the wingman concept, safety, and cadet protection. The wingman concept is what connects the topics and provides the lesson’s central theme, which is to use a wingman to aim for excellence, stay safe, and have fun.

It also fulfills the character development requirement for Achievement 1 – Curry and promotion to C/Amn.

For more information, visit the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Training Program page.
Wingman Course Lesson Plan PDF